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September 3, 2003 RSS feed / Editorials


Government cannot legislate smell

Just a few thoughts from this past week... More...

Where’s the fairness in tax system?

Alabama Policy Institute

As we, the people of the state of Alabama, prepare to cast our votes on September 9th on the tax increase proposal, we are being bombarded with messages from both sides of the debate in an attempt to shape our opinions. More...


Alabama needs a new constitution, for all the right reasons

A few years ago, several groups, namely those associated with colleges and the many left-wing groups in the state, hit on something that never quite materialized the way it needed to in Alabama. More...

Commandments, tax package are linked

The Alabama Scene

MONTGOMERY - They are in no way related issues, but there is a political umbilical cord linking the Ten Commandments controversy and the Riley tax package. More...