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September 17, 2003 RSS feed / Editorials


Cash also had sense of humor, remember

Just a few thoughts from this past week... More...


Fall season brings on feelings of nostalgia

Just about this time every year I get a bad case of nostalgia. It seems this summer passed quickly. The abundant rain showers made the hot weather go by faster than usual and here we are at summer More...

Tax plan supporters still don’t understand why recent measure failed so miserably with voters

Alabama Policy Institute

In the aftermath of the overwhelming defeat of the proposed $1.2 billion tax increase, the supporters of the plan have been scrambling to explain why it was rejected. And with few exceptions, they still don More...

Special session will be a ‘blood bath’

The Alabama Scene

MONTGOMERY - About as emphatically as they could the voters of Alabama told Gov. Bob Riley what he could do with his $1.2 billion tax-accountability package. More...

Local teacher says ‘No’ vote will only hurt schoolchildren, state’s future

We live in a world that revolves around self-love and self-interest. This selfishness has never been so apparent as it was in the September 9th vote concerning Amendment One. More...