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October 29, 2003 RSS feed / Editorials

Merchants play big role in CDF kickoff

What a celebration! Many sincere thanks are due the caterers and individuals all across Clarke County who provided the beautiful food for the Clarke County Development Foundation celebration last Thursday evening at the Jackson Community House. More...

Education officials misplace priorities

Alabama Policy Institute

Many Alabama parents have expressed concern that the threatened cuts in next year More...

Committee has short time to find cuts

The Alabama Scene

MONTGOMERY - The newly-appointed Governor More...


Number of holidays seems to have grown over the years

The holiday season is upon us! We used to only consider Thanksgiving to New Year More...

Congress must find a way for federal government to live within a reasonable budget

U.S. Congressman

For most Americans, setting a list of financial priorities for their families each month is a challenging task. Do you buy a new pair of sneakers for the kids or a new dress shirt for work? More...