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January 28, 2004 RSS feed / Editorials


Malfunctioning computers, sorry sportsmen and irresponsible PR lead to snit fit

Just a few notes from this past week... More...


Special interests lining up to defend DROP

As the Alabama Legislature trolls for additional tax dollars, the dual heads of the Alabama Education Association each have laid up for themselves a retirement "bonus" that could exceed $1 million cash, in addition to their regular pension More...


County not as divided as some might think

When Jackson pulled out of the water district with Thomasville a few months ago, many folks in the county figured it signaled a return to the old way of doing business in Clarke County - with every corner of the county looking out for itself. More...

Time to mark the end of ‘Lowder Power?’

The Alabama Scene

MONTGOMERY - Dr. Bill Walker is gone as president of Auburn, replaced on a temporary basis by Dr. Ed Richardson, the former state Superintendent of Education. More...

State could be in for fundamental change

Alabama Policy Institute

By the time the next regular session of the state Legislature ends in May, Alabama could be a fundamentally different state More...