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April 27, 2006 RSS feed / Editorials

From the Editor's Desk

Draft experts not perfect

A few quick sports notes this week. The NFL draft is this weekend. It's that special time of year when my thoughts turn to...Aundray Bruce? More...

Our View Will it be a civic center or a theater?

Is this finally the moment of truth for Thomasville's civic center? With Mayor Sheldon Day saying the "finalized" plans are here with just some "tweaking," we'll see if this project finally gets off the ground. More...

Alabama Scene

Siegelman trial could be during primary

You have to believe that the legal eagles of the Alabama Democratic Party are already poring over the law books and party rules to see what their recourse would be if the trial of Don Siegelman has not come to a conclusion by June 7...the date of the More...

Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

Too many worries now

May 2, 1956 Newspaper editors get all kinds of letters. Some writers offer sane, constructive criticism and good ideas. Others lambast the editor up one side and down the others. More...