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November 23, 2006 RSS feed / Editorials

Our View

Billboards win one, T'ville loses

So Thomasville and the billboard companies stared at each other and Thomasville blinked. More...

From the Editor's Desk

No money in Thanksgiving

I think I've come up with a solution to prevent the deluge of Christmas advertising coming near Halloween. More...

Alabama Scene

First Lady Brewer a class act

Former First Lady Martha Brewer, who died last week after a long bout with cancer, occupies a place in Alabama political history which is almost too shameful to remember. More...


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Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

Getting rid of the visitors

November 28, 1956 "You have written about every thing else under the sun," a friend told me, "so how about writing a column on how to get rid of company, both at home and in the office." Well, sir, I can sure do it, but I do want my goo More...

No word on alcohol restrictions yet

The final public hearing meeting for the proposed Zoning Ordinance was held Monday night in Thomasville. The Thomasville City Council will make the final changes to the ordinance and vote on it this coming Monday night. More...