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February 8, 2007 RSS feed / Editorials

Alabama Scene

Big money a concern in state election

It came as no surprise but the final numbers confirmed that more money was spent in the Supreme Court chief justice race in Alabama in 2006 than any judicial race in the nation. It was also the most expensive judicial race in state history. More...


The Thomasville Times is happy to publish news items for the public, most of which are free-of-charge. Anything brought to the paper should be accompanied by the name of a contact person and phone number, preferably written on the submission itself. More...

Leaving Iraq demands thought

Fata and Hamas are fighting each other in Lebanon. Shiites and Sunnis are fighting each other and us in Iraq. More...

From the Editor's Desk

Quit however you can

As many of you know, my father died Jan. 12. Four days later, the father of one of my friends died. What did these two men have in common? More...

Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

Career advice to a senior

February 13, 1957 Agraduating senior boy asked me this week to help him plan his career. He was undecided as to what business or profession he should try to enter. More...


Do you think the grand jury in Ferguson, Mo. made the correct decision?