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June 28, 2007 RSS feed / Editorials

From the Editor's Desk

Quilters sueing for their due

There's a long history of rural artists getting the shaft while their works sell for five and six figures in the rarefied art worlds they themselves will never see or understand. More...


Remember others on July 4th

This July 4th, don't forget the men and women serving to keep us safe and free. From the men and women serving overseas fighting terrorism to the men and women working closer to home as police officers, firefighters, etc. More...

Taxpayers pay for the plane trips

During last Thursday's trip to Alabama where he raised almost a million dollars for the campaign coffers of Sen. More...

Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

Ain't much to being frank

Is frankness such a virtue? Maybe it is, a way, but I'm telling you right now that too much of it will make you powerfully unpopular. Maybe it's all right, in moderation. More...


The Thomasville Times is happy to publish news items for the public, most of which are free-of-charge. More...


Do you agree or disagree with efforts to remove flags related to the Confederacy (battle flag or national flag) from public properties?