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February 28, 2008 RSS feed / Editorials

Conflicting stories on Siegelman

Iwatched the 60 Minutes piece on the Don Siegelman trial Sunday night. It started with footage of the former governor emptying pails of dirty water at the federal prison where he is incarcerated in Louisiana. More...

Send your views on a possible animal shelter

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Congrats to our basketball teams

The Tiger basketball teams had a great season this year. More...

From the Editor's Desk

Fixing what wasn't broken

As I write this column, it doesn't matter whether it's on a PC or a Mac or even a Linux computer, but it kinda matters what format I save this file as. More...

Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

I want to live to be 100

February 26, 1958 Every now and then you'll see in the papers a picture of some man or woman who has reached a 100th birthday. Such pictures usually cause quite a bit of talk and it's right interesting to listen to the varied comments. More...


Do you agree or disagree with efforts to remove flags related to the Confederacy (battle flag or national flag) from public properties?