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April 10, 2008 RSS feed / Editorials

Understanding boxing

April 9, 1958 When you hear a person say they don't like a certain television program, nine times out of 10 it's because they don't understand what is going on. More...


T'ville scores another politico

Say what you want about Mayor Sheldon Day, but the "Energizer Bunny" of small town mayors never stops trying to promote Thomasville. After hauling Gov. More...

Another prosecution overturned

In a case reeking with prosecutorial abuse and misconduct the United States Department of Justice has been ordered by a federal judge in Birmingham to pay a Huntsville businessman a half million dollars in restitution for a wrongful prosecution and More...

Political Cartoon

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The county needs a good animal shelter

Dear Editor: Thank you for all the good work you do and your staff does each week to provide us with all the area happenings. More...


Do you think the grand jury in Ferguson, Mo. made the correct decision?