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June 5, 2008 RSS feed / Editorials

More five-day sessions needed

Last week the Alabama Legislature passed a $6 billion education budget, removed the state income tax on federal stimulus payments, gave small businesses tax relief on health insurance, approved legislation to close loopholes big corporations use to a More...


Fulton similar to 'Walnut Grove' in book

Dear Editor, Linda Brown's recently published book, "Fulton Tales," brings a lot of my childhood memories to mind. I grew up in a small town similar to Fulton. No Dr. Jack, no Scotch Lumber but we did have a Laura Ingalls- me. More...


Five more months to go in races

Voters, it's time to hold your noses for the next five months as the presidential race starts in ernest. This week it looks like Sen. Barak Obama will wrap up the Democratic nomination and Sen. More...

From the Editor's Desk

Home again, home again

Afriend of mine once said that traveling abroad always made him appreciate what he had back home in the states. And after my most recent excursion, I can understand what he means. Now, the honeymoon was wonderful. More...

Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

Rumors and politics

June 4, 1958 We have just concluded a bitter political campaign here in Alabama and the general public is undoubtedly mighty glad it's all over. More...