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October 22, 2009 RSS feed / Editorials


Fun events on tap

If you're one of those folks who complains that "there's nothing to do," you haven't been paying attention recently. More...


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Ramblin' Roses and Flyin' Bricks

Don't lose your wallet here

October 19, 1949 One of my friends, L. E. Davis, of Lower Peach Tree, came in to see me Saturday morning. He wanted me to put a Piece in the paper thanking Mrs. Lowry, who works at Mason's Store in Pine Hill and Mrs. More...

High court rules for foreign drug makers

Eight of the nine members of the Alabama Supreme Court have refused to "stand up for Alabama" based on their decision to cover their eyes to the fraud inflicted on Alabama taxpayers by the huge, money-hungry foreign drug makers. More...

From the Editor's Desk

Life's smaller milestones

Beyond age, there are other things that let a person know that he's really an adult and there's no going back. Okay, that's not really what I mean to say. There are - let's call them milestones in one's life. More...

Black Belt Adventures initiative a good idea

Alabama's Black Belt has been dissected more often than a frog in a high school biology class. Countless studies have been conducted and countless grants have been written dealing with the area. More...