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August 4, 2011 RSS feed / Editorials

Justice still for sale in Alabama

This past week The Birmingham News editorialized about the obscene practice Alabama and a few other states in the Nation still have which forces judicial candidates to raise money to be elected and then allowing them to rule on court cases that invol More...

What’s really important

From the Editor’s Desk

I ’ve written some here in the past and done a good bit of thinking about what I’m teaching my son, or what we as a Arthur society as a whole are McLean teaching our children, or what we ought to be teaching our children.  But I was More...


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It’s vacation month

Ramblin’ Roses and Flyin’ Bricks

August 6, 1941 E.   I. Knight, who lives near  Thomasville, brought to town last week a branch from a peach tree that had 83 peaches on it. The branch was only three feet long and every peach was big and ripe.  More...