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December 8, 2011 RSS feed / Editorials

Good-bye to Paul Hubbert

Paul Hubbert has spent his career trying to improve education in Alabama and has been called in political circles the state’s “real governor” but the one time he ran for the office he was defeated by a man who didn’t attend a More...

Support music in Thomasville

I n war-ravaged Sarajevo in the mid- 1990s conservatory students still played. Their music helped heal both those who played and those who listened. More...

From the Editor’s Desk

Black holes and bowl games

Scientists have just discovered the two largest black holes yet. Each one is about 10 billion times the mass of our sun. Black holes are so dense that nothing can escape their massive gravitational pull, not even light. More...

Looking Back

Leading up to WWII

Dec. 14, 1978 L ast week’s More...


Do you agree or disagree with efforts to remove flags related to the Confederacy (battle flag or national flag) from public properties?