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March 22, 2012 RSS feed / Editorials


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From the Editor’s Desk

Photography’s power

Ever since it’s inception, photography has had kind of a rough go.  From earliest days when Henry Fox Talbot experimented with silver salts to create an image on paper, only to watch the image fade to black, photography has struggled.  More...

Smart Banking

Young adults need to develop financial plans

Young adults have a great deal to gain by learning about money management—as well as a lot to lose by making uninformed financial decisions. More...

Stupid is as stupid does

What does this line from the Forrest Gump movie mean? One answer I found is that it suggests that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. In other words, “you are what you do.”  More...

Go ahead, volunteer

There’s quite a lot that goes on in this town that relies on the dedication of a small group of volunteers.  The A.L. More...

Looking Back

1959 brings a four lane highway

Mar. 29, 1979   More...

The old days of retail politics are long gone

I have a cadre of political friends around the state with whom I love to visit and talk politics. More...