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April 5, 2012 RSS feed / Editorials


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Bronner’s newest employee

The State of Alabama’s government is already in a deep recession. More...

Who’s winning?

There’s always the same kind of folks wherever you go, and you don’t have to spend too long in a community before you begin to see signs that let you know which of these groups is winning.  There will always be those who lack vision More...

Moore’s win was amazing

I n the days leading up to our March 13th Republican Primary it began to appear more and more like we were going to have a spectacular horse race in our presidential preference vote. More...

Looking Back

T’ville pays tribute to Dr. A.L. White

Apr. 12, 1979  I n April of 1946 with the world’s second and most devastating war behind us, with the soldiers returning home and either getting married or building homes everything was on the upbeat.  More...