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2012-04-19 / Obituaries

Henry Autrey, Jr.


So many things that we should have said or done and some things were best left unspoken. We can't take back the mistakes that we made or the months that we lost to silence now that you're gone.

We only have our memories and I try to think of all the good times that we had.

Like how you would laugh and joke or how you tried to impress the ladies with a line a mile long. How you always pleaded with me to cook your favorites pinto beans, tuna salad "with onions" and how you always begged Deborah to fix English pea salad until we gave in and you would grin knowing we were suckered in. We would be so happy to have the chance to do it again!

Or how you really hated football and would make me beg to watch the Saint's games but when we were younger I hung with you and the boys in the yard playing football until the sun went down. Or the time that we went to see the group Alabama preforming in Montgomery-I laugh every time I think about that.

How much you enjoyed being a long haul trucker and the sites of the road. You always had stories to tell and we knew to believe less than half but we listened to all of them.We had some good times as sisters and brothers and those memories we will cling to.

We were always close and those of us that knew you best, now have an emptiness in our lives that can never be replaced. You left two beautiful daughters that miss you and still cannot believe that you're gone. My heart aches for them and the thought that they no longer have an opportunity to be close to you and you no longer have a chance to laugh with them or hear your grandchildren's laughter (the ones you have already and those that will never have a chance to know you).

On your birthday this year, my promise is to always be there to help your girls and try to do what is right for them. We all miss you so much and will love you always. I try to imagine you, Mama, Daddy and the rest of the family spending your time together. Our circle has been broken as well as our hearts so save us a place big brother until our family is together once more.

Sadly missed as you spend your first birthday in heaven,

Daughters-Nicole Moose & Jennifer Autrey

Sisters-Deborah Kennedy & Cindy Bergeron

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