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March 21, 2013 RSS feed / Editorials

Is the Poarch Creek lawsuit a sham?

Here is what Attorney General Luther Strange wrote to the lawyers for VictoryLand and Milton McGregor before Strange raided and closed the Macon County facility last month:  More...

Front Porch Philosopher

The prettiest time

This is Thomasville’s prettiest time of the year. All the flowering trees have bloomed out except the dogwoods which are saving themselves for Easter. More...

Smart Banking

Why is the stock market so high?

I n recent weeks, the stock market has reached historic highs. Does this reflect growing strength in the economy? If not, what is causing stock prices to rise so much?  These questions have been on the minds of people across the nation. More...

Political Cartoon

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Ramblin’ Roses and Flyin’ Bricks

Everybody offers “easy terms” to pay

March 23, 1960 A woman out in California woke up one morning last week and discovered that she was $86,000 in debt. She had been employed, off and on, as a secretary at a salary of about $60 a week. More...