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July 11, 2013 RSS feed / Editorials

Political Cartoon

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Reading about the weddings of the past

July 10, 1980

With the June wedding season just past, we have been currently reading accounts on the Society page of the Times of beautiful and elaborate weddings. More...

Just been too wet for much gardening

This week there is no featured gardener. It was too wet to plow as the old folks say. There wasn’t a single day when it didn’t rain around here. There was no way to get out and take garden pictures.  More...

Where are you Harry Lyon?

A re the Democrats down to Harry Lyon, the Pelham lawyer and Alabama’s perennial candidate for governor to put up against Gov. Robert Bentley in 2014? More...

Fixing low cell phone signal blues, part 1

From the Editor’s Desk

Have you cursed your cell phone for its terrible reception at home? Well, if your situation is like mine, you probably have at least once. More...

A novel approach to obesity

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Recent studies report that one-third of the American people are obese.  That so many are obese causes severe health and health-related consequences for them. More...