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August 15, 2013 RSS feed / Editorials

Political Cartoon

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Old maid’s advice for rearing children

Aug. 17, 1960

“C hildren should be taught at an early age such qualities as thrift, perseverance, honesty and obedience and imbued with a spirit of ambition.” So it says in the opening paragraph of a newspaper article on child training, and written, in More...

Who will be next state office holder to resign?

Speculation in some Montgomery circles is that both Attorney General Luther Strange and Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard will be resigning in the very near future.  I am told that Sonny Reagan, one of Strange’s deputy attorney generals ha More...

Thoughts on southern food and creativity

My favorite part of summer is when the fresh vegetables come in. Last night I ate some butter beans for supper that a friend had brought me. More...

What is the true rate of inflation?

Does it seem that the prices are going up faster than reported by the media? This may be because what is reported is not the complete picture.  More...