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October 17, 2013 RSS feed / Editorials

Front Porch Philosopher

Are we shutting down or not?

A friend came to visit yesterday and happened to mention the government’s state of affairs. For those of you who live on another planet, this may need to be explained further. The US Government appears to be on the brink of a real shutdown. More...

From the Capitol

Bronner takes on Bentley over “mistake”

The CEO of Alabama’s state retirement systems (RSA), Dr. David Bronner, pleaded with Gov. More...

Looking Back

1965 was focused on an election and the Tide Oct. 16, 1980

A s the November day of days approaches and the greatest of all contests is almost down to the finish line, let us look back for a moment to the Second Thoughts of Mr. Martin Johnson in October of 1965. More...

Political Cartoon

Full Story

Smart Banking

Rekindling the entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in an economy, creating significant numbers of new jobs each year. Entrepreneurs—the term generally means to undertake— are individuals who create new businesses, products, or services. More...