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December 24, 2013 RSS feed / Editorials

Front Porch Philosopher

Christmas cookie baking is stressful

I got a new cookie press back in the fall. It is a top of the line Cuisinart. I have had cookie presses in the past because I have always had visions of perfect cookies in my head. More...

Looking Back

Christmas is many things to many people Dec. 25, 1980

Christmas is many things to many people: lights, music and song, food and work, shopping and gifts. Each have their special meaning to those of us who are Christmas people, to those who are not, it’s just every Scrooge for himself. More...

Political Cartoon


From the Capitol

Standing in the door

...H ere we go again. In 1963, it was standing in the school house door to deny little black children and college students the right to a public education by a past governor, who was a lawyer by profession, and who knew he was wrong. More...

Smart Banking

Centennial of a powerful institution

This week is the centennial of the founding of an independent agency that affects all of us, often labeled the second most powerful institution in the nation. More...