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August 28, 2014 RSS feed / Editorials

How have we gotten by without this do-dad?

August 28, 1963 S cientists in More...

Let the good times roll!

Well school started back a couple of weeks ago, as well as the homework, extra activities and football season. With band practices, majorette practice, majorette lessons and football games, the schedule is pretty full. More...

Why is Bentley not expanding Medicaid?

Matthew 25 contains a description of the last judgment. More...

Political Cartoon

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A few helpful tips for visitng Wilcox County

A llow me to be one of the first people to acknowledge everyone who has been attracted to our area by the Stokes Gator. Welcome to our fair county. More...


Do you agree or disagree with efforts to remove flags related to the Confederacy (battle flag or national flag) from public properties?