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October 22, 2015 RSS feed / Editorials

Wondering when it’s time to retire

When is it time to retire? I have been pondering this question recently because I recently met several people who retired from their day jobs to start a second career doing what they love. They have become outdoor travel writers. More...

We are in the middle of ‘hinting season’

October 24, 1951

A lthough it’s about two months until Christmas, we are well in the middle of the “hinting” season - the time of the year when we have to be mightly careful about what we say around those who will give us presents come December 25. More...

Political Cartoon

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National debt is the biggest problem facing our country

There have been monumental budget battles in Washington and Montgomery this year. The big difference is that the State of Alabama has a constitutional requirement that we have a balanced budget. We cannot spend more than we can take in. More...

The river made us and scarred us

I t was after dark, with just a sliver of an October moon glowing. The water was black, except for the reflection of a distant boat light shimmering.  There is power in a river. More...