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Marengo murder scene gets alcohol license revoked

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The Marengo County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the June 27 murder of Thomasville teen Travion Jackson.

Jackson, 17, was shot in the early morning hours of July 13 outside the Magnolia Sports Bar and Grill and Package Store. He was transported to and later declared deceased at Thomasville Regional Medical Center.

Marengo County Sheriff Richard “Ben” Bates said Jackson was shot outside the Magnolia Sports Bar and Grill at about 2:30 a.m. in a parking area by an unknown individual.

At its June 28 meeting, Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day criticized the Magnolia Sports Bar and Grill for allowing a 17-year-old to be on its premises which led to Jackson’s shooting. Day said he would work to have the matter addressed.

On July 14, the Marengo County Board of Commissions voted 5-0 to revoke the liquor license of the grill and the package store. The grill and the store are owned by Patrick Price of Magnolia. Following the commissioner’s actions, the matter was sent to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in Montgomery. The state board was working to shutdown the sale of alcohol at the site, located on County Road 30 near the railroad tracks.

As for the murder investigation, Bates said surveilence footage has been watched and interviews conducted with many of the subjects on the scene. Investigators are trying to local a subject who standing near Jackson when the incident happened.

Bates again asked for information from the public on the shooting. He can be reached at the Marengo County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 295-4208.

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