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Reading is soothing and also stimulating

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Books have always been a large part of my life. All kinds of books. “Dick and Jane” to start. Then other text books, novels, short stories, travel, cookbooks, etc., really reading of any type.

Short reads are always good. Mark Twain short stories. Louis L’Amor westerns. Patrick O’Brian naval series. Toy Hillerman series on Navajo Police. Sharyn McCrumb.These are just to name a few authors.

Books can take you anywhere in the world and beyond. People, places, ideas, times are all accessible and can become real through reading. You could not live long enough to physically meet, visit, or have any other type of connection as you can with a book.

Some of the places and people do not even exist now. To do all this you never even have to leave home. I don’t quite understand electronic versions but even they work. They certainly won’t feel the same though.

Cookbooks are great except after reading them for a short time you are hungry even if you just ate.

The only time machine ever proven to work is a book. Past, future – makes no difference. You can dive into the center of the earth or soar to the furthest reaches of space.

Titles can be misleading or very descriptive. I have picked books to read based on the title and I have passed over them for the same reason.

Probably the greatest title of all time is a book by Sharyn McCrumb- — “If I’d killed Him When I Met Him (I’d Be Out By Now).” I read it based on the title — I don’t really remember what it was about but it started me on a series by this author about the Tennessee/North Carolina area of Appalachia that I really enjoyed.

Another book that has a very descriptive title is “A Biography of Ray Lum.” It was written by William Ferris as told by Ray Lum. Mr. Lum was a stock trader in Mississippi during the time farmers were changing from mules and horses to tractors. The title is absolutely true — “You Live and Learn, Then Die and Forget it All.” This is an excellent read and is a great history of this period.

I’m sure there are others but these are two of my favorites. I know there are probably others just as good but these stuck with me.

Sometimes when I am looking for something to read I will read a book I have already read and enjoyed. I suppose just the act of reading is soothing and stimulating.

I enjoy all types of literature. Some books I call bubblegum books – just something to read. Even these can bring a certain pleasure.

The point is pick a book and read whatever the title.

N. L. Robinson lives in Thomasville. He loves to read books — and newspapers, too!

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