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Tractor stolen from off Bashi Road

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A Louisiana resident who owns property and a camp off of the Bashi Road west of Thomasville discovered his tractor missing Saturday morning, March 26.

The unidentified owner had not been on the property since February but returned Saturday to find the tractor missing, said Clarke County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Donnie

Floyd said the camp location is some distance off of Bashi Road down a dirt road. The thief or thieves apparently drove the tractor out to Bashi Road and then down the road for about a quarter of a mile to the unpaved Glover Road. The tractor was apparently loaded on a trailer about 100 yards down the Glover Road.

It isn’t known when the tractor was taken but tire tracks of the tractor were still visible in the dirt and mud of the wet roads.

Arnold said if anyone has any information that could be helpful to please contact him at the Sheriff’s Office.

Arnold warned local and non-local property owners with tractors or other equipment on them to keep a close watch on their possessions.

Arrest after wreck

Early Saturday, between midnight and 1 a.m., two county sheriff’s deputies arrested a man after a high-speed chase that ended when the chased vehicle wrecked on the Piney Woods Road.

Deputies Seth Newton and Matt Kelley were investigating a call of night hunting in the area of Nellie Hill Road east of Whatley. Newton pursued a BMW that fled west along Highway 84 and turned on the Piney Woods Road.

Deputy Kelley was coming in from that end and the BMW clipped the deputy’s car and ran off the road. The occupants fled on food but were captured.

The driver, Chasen Rolin, was arrested and charged with shooting into an occupied car from the roadway, and other charges.

An AR-15 that appeared to have been modified was confiscated.

The passengers in the vehicle were not arrested.

The investigation continues, Arnold said.

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