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T’ville wins overtime thriller in Dadeville

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Thomasville's Justin McCreary makes the tackle in overtime to stop the Dadeville 2-point conversion. Photo by Barry H. Hendrix

Thomasville’s Justin McCreary makes the tackle in overtime to stop the Dadeville 2-point conversion. Photo by Barry H. Hendrix

The Thomasville High School Tigers varsity football team defeated the Dadeville High School Tigers 15-14 in overtime Nov. 11 at Tiger Stadium in the second round of the Class 3A state playoffs in Dadeville.

Thomasville’s Justin McCreary secured the win with a tackle behind the line to spoil a Dadeville 2-point conversion in the first overtime.

The Thomasville Tigers continue to exhibit a confidence and toughness in the playoffs. “Toughness and physicality has been the identity of Thomasville football as long as I can remember,” said Clint Anderson, THS interim head football coach, “and all of us coaching on this staff expect nothing less. We all have personal experience and ties to the tradition of Thomasville football.

“From day one we expressed the necessity of each player understanding the importance of them playing at their highest level possible – not for themselves – but for their teammates. We challenge them regularly to affect each game in a positive way no matter what their role.

“We put together a game plan every week that we feel puts our players in the best position to be successful,” Coach Anderson said. “Whether it is offensively, defensively, or special teams, at the end of the day it is up to the players to go out and execute the plan. They deserve the credit.

“The mindset that we try to instill for being relentless and playing with passion and high energy every play is key to our success.”

Throughout the 2022 season, there have been truly “team wins,” with many different players making the difference. “That goes back to the mindset that we want to play the game with heart and play the game for each other,” Coach Anderson said. “Therefore, when you have that mindset and your opportunity presents itself you are ready. We’ve had different guys each week step up and play big. I can’t be more proud of how ours guys have represented us so far.”

Defense dominated the first three-quarters of the game at Dadeville. The first half ended with an interception of a Dadeville pass by Raynell Armstrong. The score at halftime was 0-0.

Dadeville’s Wardrellis Cox Jr. failed on a 32-yard field goal (4:52 in the third quarter).

A bad snap on a Dadeville punt gave Thomasville the ball on the Dadeville 5-yard line. Two plays later, Justin McCreary scored from the half-yard line (11:55 in the fourth quarter).

Kam Wright added a 2- point conversion run, and THS led 8-0.

Dadeville’s Brandez Eason scored with a 1-yard TD run (3:08 in the fourth). Avontae Wilson added a 2-point conversion run for Dadeville.

The game was tied 8-8.

Dadeville intercepted a THS pass (1:56 in the fourth), and Dadeville had the ball on their 47-yard line. However, the Dadeville possession ended when a 31- yard FG was no good (3.1 seconds in regulation).

Thomasville scored first in overtime with a 5-yard TD run by McCreary. The point after kick by Coleman Anderson was also good. THS led 15-8.

Dadeville’s Jordan Rambo threw to Tajavion Burns for a 2-yard TD pass in overtime. Dadeville decided to go for the win with a 2-point conversion, but Avontae Wilson was stopped by Thomasville’s Justin McCreary.

Thomasville (9-3) will travel Friday, Nov. 18 to Montgomery to play the St. James High School Trojans (10-2) in the third round of the state playoffs at Carlisle Field.

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